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Me in The Big Issue Magazine – Letter to my Younger Self

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The Venice Biennale is a place where you can go in search of the familiar (this year that includes Jeremy Deller, Mark Leckey, Helen Marten, Paul McCarthy, Ed Atkins). Yet the real pleasure of wandering the streets of Venice is often discovering artists you never knew. Here are ten exhibiting this year that may not have crossed your path before.

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New Art Stars At The Venice Biennale

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based out of maple ridge in canada, a company after the name of hyperstealth claims that it has developed an invisible wearable cloak.
using ‘quantum stealth’ technology to provide complete imperceptibility across the visible, infrared, and ultraviolet spectrum by deviating
light around objects, the concept bends ‘the entire spectrum of light – it doesn’t use cameras or mirrors or require power’,
states guy cramer the CEO of the company.

so far, they been able to make an object about the size of an orange completely disappear, while also reducing 95% of a user’s shadow.
although the cloak is still under development, and the pictures are rendered in photoshop for security purposes, future developments
and technological applications will help push the concept into reality on a larger scale.

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An Invisibility Cloak That Uses Quantum Stealth

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BIRTH Lyric Video

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