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For the 2013 KOBE Biennale artists and designers were invited to create environments inside industrial shipping containers as part of the ‘Art in a Container International Competition.’ Designers Masakazu Shirane and Saya Miyazaki created Wink Space, a modular installation made from mirrors that formed a giant kaleidoscopic tunnel. Not only was the piece an fun immersive environment, but it was also an experiment in building with zippers. “We wanted to create the world’s first zipper architecture. In other words, this polyhedron is completely connected by zippers. And in order to facilitate even more radical change some of the surfaces open and close like windows,” says Shirane.

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Immersive Kaleidoscopic Mirror Tunnel

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Czech artist Monika Horčicová creates sculptures using the repeating forms of the human skeleton. Far from being creepy, her works are beautifully complex studies of a familiar form, revealed through the use of unusual orientations and numbers.

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Monika Horčicová’s Human Skeletons

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There are 800 acrylic spheres that make up artist Emmanuelle Moureaux’s installation entitled Sparkling Bubbles. The colorful orbs are suspended from the ceiling at varying heights, but all funnel towards the clear drinking glass that rests on a pedestal in the middle of it all. It’s a dazzling sight as you look upwards and see 34 different hues gradually shift to white as they approach the cup, creating a feeling that you might’ve happened upon something that’s frozen in time.

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Emmanuelle Moureaux’s Sparkling Bubbles

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Brazilian artist Henrique Oliveira’s incredible installation titled Transarquitetônica invites you to go on a fantastical journey through a cavernous interior. The recently-completed work is his largest to date, and he has successfully created a fully-immersive environment inside of a large, root-like system. Upon entering, you can follow multiple paths that lead you throughout the sculpture while you’re completely surrounded by repurposed wood pieces that are tacked together and resemble bark on a tree.

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Man-Made Tunnels Formed with Wires + Repurposed Wood

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