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Perception of Consequence from volvoxlabs on Vimeo.

Art Director, Kamil Nawratil recently finished a personal and very passionate project titled, Perception of Consequence. We’re psyched and super proud of him and wanted to share this piece with everyone!
Here’s a short description:
This multi-dimensional project represents the idea of consequence and constraints of motion set by the rules of physics. Two fluid-evolving forms are placed in a reversible entropic system and simulated to resemble evolving human states and emotions. The system itself evolves from organic form into chaos, but its cyclical nature pushes the system towards rebirth. Situated against a 15’ fabricated wall and within a tangible environment, control-activated whirlwinds encapsulate viewers as if like being part of the system itself. Exploiting both your visual, auditory and touch sensory systems, Perception of Consequence will guide you through the experience of transformation and evolution.


Perception of Consequence

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